(Português) 100 mil pessoas vibraram o “folk” no EUROPEADE, em Viseu

The biggest European festival of folklore put the city to “stir”, in what was a “participated and happy edition”. Economic and tourist impact in the city-region with very positive balance

At least 100,000 people, including visitors and tourists, gathered in “Viseu, European City of Folklore” to celebrate and live close to magic and cultural diversity, participating in the EUROPEADE Festival, which took place in streets, squares and city, clothed in precept.

The 55th edition of this event, which is the largest, oldest and most relevant meeting of folklore and ethnography in Europe, ended this Sunday, July 29. For five days, all roads beyond the borders had a common destiny: Viseu, the privileged stage of ethnography and folk. 5400 participants from 203 groups of 24 nationalities were enrolled in the festival.

The street performances – more than 150 daily – in the 10 (im) probable stages, were the most participated moments of the Festival. Also the “Welcome Night”, the children’s and adults’ ball, and the concerts had a full “house”, in addition to “pulling” the audience to dance and socializing. In the parade, one of the most awaited events, it is estimated that 50 thousand people have watched along the two-kilometer route, between Fontelo Park and Rossio. Also the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the event, which were broadcast live to the Youtube channel of the Municipality, won all those present.

For the mayor of Viseu, Almeida Henriques, “this was probably one of the best editions ever of the EUROPEADE festival. We made history at the event, but also in Viseu. The enthusiastic reception of the festival by the population and the tourists means a large and firm step in the reconciliation of the public with folklore and popular traditions in Viseu, but also in the region and in the country. “

Almeida Henriques also highlighted as “particularly positive the involvement of the folk groups and the population of Viseu in welcoming the event and its participants from many different nationalities.”

Along with the cultural dimension, the realization of EUROPEADE represents for the Municipality of Viseu a “giant leap” in the internationalization of Viseu as a tourist and cultural destination and brand. “Viseu will count on thousands of ambassadors in countries and markets of origin of very relevant tourists, who value cultural, heritage and nature destinations, such as the countries of central and northern Europe,” said the Councilor for Culture and Tourism, Jorge Sobrado. “We will feel the positive effect of this influence in the coming years,” he believes.

From an economic point of view, the great influx of visitors and tourists brought a strong dynamic to the city, mobilizing hundreds of economic and tourist agents of the city and the surrounding region. Sectors such as restaurants and commerce have had a very positive impact, as did the hotel industry, which registered high occupancy rates, as a rule at their maximum.

The focus on the valorization and innovation of folklore was also one of the marks of this 55th edition of EUROPEADE, which presented and brought to the stage several artistic reinterpretations born of the project #VISEUFOLK, dynamized in the ambit of the “European City of Folklore”.

In the field of fashion, Katty Xiomara signed an entire collection of clothing, footwear and accessories, inspired by the folklore and iconography of the city, which in addition to assuming the merchandise side of the event, “dressed” all volunteers involved in the initiative. Also to be highlighted is the contemporary dance project, carried out by Lugar Presente and Companhia Paulo Ribeiro.

In the musical universe, Moullinex released his “Elefolfolk” project in the “Welcome Night”, the result of a work “in loco” with the ethnographic and folk groups of the county, from which a harmonious “marriage” was born between traditional and electronic music. Also counting on the involvement of the groups in the region, the presentation on stage for the first time of the show “Ora Vem Comigo” by Ana Bento, Sónia Barbosa and Ricardo Machado, which revisited the traditional Portuguese imagination.

The Folklore Festival EUROPEADE Viseu 2018 is an initiative of the Association non-profit EUROPEADE, and was organized in partnership with the Municipality of Viseu. VISEU MARCA, the Commercial Association of the District of Viseu, Super-Bock and Coca-Cola were also partners of the organization.

Altice was the official sponsor of EUROPEADE, an event that also had the support of institutions such as Turismo de Portugal and Turismo do Centro.